babymoov Digital Humidifier

$ 99.99

Brand babymoov

Bronchitis, conjunctivitis, colds.These annoying ailments disrupt baby's sleep. The digital humidifier purifies the air in the room and limits the amount of dust and pollen in your baby's bedroom.

    • Programming the relative humidity level at the desired time

    • Selection of the relative humidity level: automatic adjustment from 30 to 90 % humidity. Cold steam emission (ultrasound) with adjustable output

    • Rotating steam outlet (360°)  Nightlight function with independent red and blue LED lights (on/off)

    • Stops automatically when the water level is insufficient

It is very easy to adjust via its LCD screen which can be blocked, and has a removable essential oil diffuser.

    • Capacity: 2.5 l

    • Autonomy: from 8 hrs to 22 hrs (depending on setting)

  • Vaporisation: from 170 to 250 ml/hr