Orbit Sidekick Stroller Board

$ 125.00

Brand Orbit Baby

  • fun for children: the only stroller board that allows a "skateboard" side-riding position for kids
  • truly grows with your family: one or two Sidekicks allow your second and third child to ride alongside your stroller
  • side-riding position accommodates tall children without the stroller's handlebars in their way
  • side-riding position also gives parents unobstructed walking while strolling
  • attach your Sidekick stroller board system to either side of your stroller (or both sides of you are using two Sidekicks)
  • flips up and stays out of the way when your toddler wants to walk
  • included riding handles attach to both sides of your stroller so your toddler can easily hold on while riding the Sidekick
  • board includes a gripping texture for kids to stand on
  • easily attaches and detaches from your stroller
  • your Orbit Baby stroller frame still folds with a Sidekick attached
  • with a child on the Sidekick, your other child can ride comfortably in any Orbit Baby seat, in any strolling position