Romina Baby Furniture
Every piece of furniture that you bring into your home is a "person" that should instantly bond to your soul, to your intimate living space. Not only does it have to be durable for accompanying your family over time but charming enough to win your heart. This is the kind of product that is created by Romina Furniture!

After three generations of wood crafting Romina Furniture has learned that even the most advanced technologies and accessories have to serve only one purpose: revealing the inner soul of wood, Nature’s precious creation taken in its very best form, powerful and gentle, warm and refreshing, timeless and ever changing.

The genuine European design and manufacturing, a thorough understanding of family lifestyle and aspirations, adds up to Romina's tradition and expertise in wood craftsmanship for continually adding value and quality to your home every day.

Romina Cribs, Dressers and Changing Tables

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