Gro-egg Room Thermometer

$ 42.00

Brand vendor-unknown

The Gro-egg color changing digital room thermometer is another clever innovation from the people who brought you grobag baby sleeping bags. Room temperature is vital in creating a safe sleeping environment for your baby and should be maintained at 61-67°F to help reduce the risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). The Gro-egg glows yellow if the room temperature is within recommended guidelines (61-67°F). If the room temperature is outside this range, the Gro-egg acts as a visual reminder for you to take action to cool or heat the room, or to adjust the baby's bedding or clothing. Every baby's home should have a Gro-egg room thermometer and it is ideal for use with grobag baby sleeping bags to help you to monitor the temperature of the room where your baby is sleeping.