Baby's Delight Snuggle Nest Surround

$ 59.00

Brand Baby Delight

The Snuggle Nest, by Baby Delight, is designed to offer a greater sense of security and safety for newborns when co-sleeping with parents. Designed by a mom, its simple design features sturdy protective walls to help block adult bedding, as well as a soft quilted cover with mesh panels for added air-flow. Additionally, the firm mattress and wraparound sheet provides a safer sleeping surface, while the new Comfort Mesh Liner for the mattress helps reduce sweating and heat on baby's back while sleeping. By placing the Snuggle Nest against the headboard of the adult bed, infants are more removed from the rollover zone and adult bedding. For additional comfort and soothing, a Sound & Light unit is included, featuring music and familiar womb sounds, as well as a soft light for nighttime checks on baby. The Snuggle Nest folds quickly and compactly for handy portability for parents on the go.


  • Creates separate sleeping space for co-sleeping babies in the adult bed.

  • Rigid, vented walls help serve as a barrier between baby and adult bedding and rollover.

  • Quilted fashion cover with airy mesh inlays to encourage air-flow near babys breathing space.

  • Waterproof foam mattress with fitted wraparound sheet.

  • New! Comfort Mesh Liner for mattress provides comfort and helps reduce body heat and sweating during sleep.

  • Soothing Sounds and Light unit featuring Brahms Lullaby and soothing womb sounds to lull your baby to sleep. 5-level volume control and automatic shut-off allows the perfect setting for your baby's comfort.

  • Folds in seconds for compact and lightweight portability. (5 lbs)

  • All parts washable.