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Wayb Pico Car Seat: Unparalleled Safety and Comfort for Your Tiny Traveler

Are you in need of a quality car seat for your baby? Baby shopping has been made easy and convenient at Juvenile Shop. Our products are highly recommended as we only sell quality baby accessories from reputable and verified brands. You can shop for your Wayb Pico car seat, and rest assured that it meets all the safety requirements needed to keep your child safe. 


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Quick Instruction on Safe Wayb Pico Car Seat Installation



Secure the seat bottom by flipping and locking it firmly (a pro tip: apply strong pressure!), and lift the headrest from its storage position until you hear a reassuring ‘Click!’



Consult your vehicle’s owner’s manual to understand its LATCH system. Preferably, use LATCH for Pico installation. However, if you opt for the lap-and-shoulder belt method, a corresponding video will be available soon. To use LATCH, attach the lower connectors onto the lower anchors (listen for two ‘Clicks!’), fasten the tether to the tether anchor (another ‘Click!’), and ensure a tight fit until Pico moves less than 1” side-to-side or front-to-back.



Time to fit your kid. Secure the crotch buckle and tighten at the hips on both sides. Perform the pinch test on the shoulder straps — if you can pinch them, they’re too loose. Fasten the chest clip and position it at armpit level. Confirm that the shoulders are below the seat back and the ears are beneath the top of the headrest.



Reverse the steps to fold and stow Pico for your upcoming adventure!


Safety Features of the Wayb Pico Car Seat

The Wayb Pico car seats are made to meet all U.S. safety standards, including those regulated by the Federal Aviation Administration and National Highway Traffic Administration. Below are three features that will keep your baby safe in a collision. 


  1. 5-point harness: For a more secure fit for your children, the Pico car seats come with a 5-point harness with one on each side of the pelvis, one over each shoulder, and the last one between the legs of the child. This will help limit the kid’s forward movement and keep them safe in a collision.

  2. AeroWing™ Aluminum: The Pico car seats are made with AeroWing™ space-grade aluminum alloy, making the frame components super strong yet lightweight. Besides easy carriage, you can rely on the car seat for your kid’s safety during a collision.

  3. V-Shape Tether: This ensures secure installation and reduces your baby’s side-to-side movement. Even when there is a collision, the multiple rows of stitching on the rope itself will help to ensure minimal forward movement. 


Where Can I Buy a Wayb Pico Car Seat Near Me?

Getting a quality car seat can take time and effort with many brands in the market. This is why you must shop at Juvenile Shop to buy the best Wayb Pico car seat that meets all the safety requirements to keep your baby from danger. We partner with reputable brands to ensure all our high-quality products come at the best market prices. From choosing your desired products to making payments and getting your products delivered, we make the whole process seamless. Don't hesitate to contact us today for your baby's car seat!


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wayb pico car seat